More than 16 macros

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), August 23, 2020, 16:29:21

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I use macros a lot.

I'd love to be able to set more than 16 (SF0 to SFF), as I use tons of plugins to control.

Am I dreaming ?

Saga Musix

Quite honestly, MIDI macros are the wrong solution to the problem. Technically it's not so simple to add support for more macros (among other things it would require modifications to the file format), so I'd rather solve the problem properly instead of adding another crutch to OpenMPT. In particular, instead of requiring to define MIDI macros for each and every MIDI CC, there has been the idea of having MIDI CC events similar to PC events. For other types of MIDI messages, I think there also better solutions than MIDI macros.
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