Author Topic: (alt/house/pop) Look Again (mptm, ogg)  (Read 91 times)

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(alt/house/pop) Look Again (mptm, ogg)
« on: June 23, 2020, 12:44:19 »
This tune is a song, it includes singing, thus the mptm is 3 meg and the ogg is 2 meg. (I made a smaller version of the mptm, but cutting the quality drastically made them sound bad) vocals recorded on my phone and transferred to my annoying xp computer which cannot record and technically doesnt actually have a sound card according to the control panel.
I hope you enjoy it. - ogg - mptm

words (copied from the mptm)
Every time i look you have made a new thing in which you now believe
what is happening is this a game to you, fasion?
people take these things seriously, kill over them
and you think it's a game can you get some perspective

edit : I just had the thought that this sounds a bit like pop, tell me if you think I should change or add that to the genre thing. (Subject matter probably not, but style sounds more and more pop the more I listen with that in mind... Lol)... Ok I put it in. I guess if anyone wants to discuss the genre choice I will def take criticism.
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