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Started by Josephhail1234, May 04, 2020, 07:00:32

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Have you ever thought about making modplug tracker a full vst and vsti synth.
It would be so good.
Modplug does not click when playing samples.

We would like minimum effects for samples that effect the playback of them to sound real using micro filtering a three band eq for each and a compressor and a good reverb like udreverb
i have played with this thing for years and what we like to do with it is bring the sound out of mp3s using three to four tracks so that we can use the instrument cutoff effects and a custom eq on each also we reverb on track just a little and then bring it out with a couple of other tracks  using the same effect at a minimum output with the volume turned way down in id like to see this thing be quadraphonic.



Saga Musix

And on top of that it really shouldn't be posted in the Development forum, which is only for questions regarding the source code.

QuoteHave you ever thought about making modplug tracker a full vst and vsti synth.
It would be so good.
There has been an experimental fork of OpenMPT a long time ago which turned the whole application into a VST, but it was very hacky and it certainly didn't have the quality a feature should have before we'd consider it for inclusion for the general public.
If on the other hand you are just interested in the sampler part, there are many other sampler VSTs out there which probably do a much better job than OpenMPT (maybe give Redux a try). They certainly also will not "click" as that is a very basic sampler feature. OpenMPT's engine is mostly written with efficiency in mind for mid-90s processors, so many dedicated samplers will offer better sound with less tradeoffs. OpenMPT's engine is designed for playing tracker music, not for being a general-purpose sampler to be integrated into other software.

The rest of your post I didn't really understand because it's just an ongoing swirl of words but from what I think I understood, you just need to find the approriate plugins to create the effect you are after. If that is not what you wanted, please try rewriting your sentences with proper punctuation because right now they don't make any sense.
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