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Started by ivano, February 24, 2020, 14:23:07

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Greetings to all fans of tracker music. I am looking for guitar instruments for every note or chord. Tell me where to download or from which tracker composition to borrow. Thanks.


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Spicy guitar is not bad, definitely good for a freebee, but you may have better luck with good SF2's or paid plugins. I bought MusicLab's guitar plugins for that very reason. Wait for any holiday and they'll be on sale, and its worth every penny. Buy multiple plugins and get discount ontop of discount.
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Sorry, I don't need plugins. I need regular instruments with samples.

Saga Musix

You can render plugins to samples. Plugins will allow you the most flexibility because you can set them to your taste, and then export a bunch of samples and use those.
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You can find guitar samples and many more on https://freesound.org/, but off course you need to make instruments yourself.
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Alex TEHb

The theme not so new, but can to someone it is useful. Itself long searched for good guitars. Has not found. Has made itself from VST.

It is a pity that at a forum there is no cloud for storage. I give the reference to a cloud in own mail, but I do not know, how long to a smog not to delete.

Format Instruments: ITI
Clean Electro Guitars
Bass Electro Guitars
Distortion Electro Guitars
Are taken from Prominy VSTi, and WavesFactory VSTi.
Everyone Instrument consists from 30-40 samples, therefore such big size.


The explanatory of reductions:
sd - sustain down
su - sustain Up
sld - slide down 1
slu - slide up 1
svd - sustain vibrato down


Thanks alex, I grabbed a couple of guitar samples and will play with them today. I hope you are a musical journey.
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Alex TEHb

Pleasant travel, Exhale!
For me it is important, if will tell the opinion about instruments.
I worked with a great volume and not all instruments have tested.

It is a pity that there is no resource where it is possible to spread ready tools and vst-plugins.
For beginners it would be the good help in training OpenMPT.
I have no music education and not against to discuss a creation theme instruments.