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Started by sunshine, February 08, 2020, 20:48:00

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It requires some build configurations on GitHub. In the future I may make the project compatible with build automation.
By the way, I will also provide with instructions to build ModPlug Player from its source codes for each platform in the future.
There will also be Debian and Ubuntu packages in the future.


I compiled it on Linux with some small fixes, and I will do some small GUI arrangements. For example, hiding the native titlebar, adding buttons for closing and minimizing the application, adding a beautiful font for the GUI, etc.
On Windows, I am still working to compile it.
In short, all versions (Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, KDE Neon Linux and macOS) will seem very similar (with some native differences on preferences windows, but not on the player window).


Are there any plans to add a per-channel oscilloscope view like the one in MilkyTracker?


Yes, it will be like on ProTracker. When spectrum analyzer is clicked, it will be multi-channel oscilloscope.
Window function will also be selectable for oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer as it seems on the second screenshot below.
I am also planning to add ProTracker mode for spectrum analyzer. ProTracker doesn't do any frequency analysis on its spectrum analyzer, instead, it shows bar heights based on the played note.

Saga Musix

That's quite a promise to make given that libopenmpt doesn't currently offer per-channel waveform data at all. It is planned to have that one day, sure, but it simply doesn't exist at this point in time.
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Thanks for the information Saga Musix. I didn't know libopenmpt doesn't support this feature yet. I may add oscilloscope feature after libopenmpt supports this fuature. Let it be our feature wish for libopenmpt  :)


macOS version of ModPlug Player 2 Alpha 1 can be downloaded from
Please notice that this is an alpha version, many features and settings don't work correctly.


ModPlug Player can now be compiled on Windows, too. After then some arrangements, Windows and Linux binaries will be downloadable.


After then titlebar buttons (minimize, close and mini player buttons) are added, Windows and Linux versions will be ready. Latest screenshot of Windows version is below.


Windows version of ModPlug Player 2 Alpha 1 can be downloaded from
You may need to configure color settings of ModPlug Player on the first use (since it is alpha version yet).


Open ModPlug Player for Windows loads but everyttime I load it it is a different color and the text labels are un readable because they are the same color as the ui


You should do your color configuration once (the color configuration window seems on the screenshot below). The default color values currently doesn't work, so configurations should be done by the user for the first time.


ModPlugPlayer can also be compiled on Linux, too. Linux version has "ALSA lib pcm.c:8526:(snd_pcm_recover) underrun occurred" errors when playing for a few seconds, this causes skipping a few seconds of the module. This problem will be solved on one of the next alpha versions.
You can compile ModPlugPlayer on Linux by reading ModPlugPlayerLinux.txt file (look at the attachments of this message). I am using KDE Neon Linux distro, but any Debian or Ubuntu based Linux distro will work, too.

Edit: Editing /etc/pulse/daemon.conf file and modifying the lines as like below, then restarting the computer solves the buffer underrun problem. On the next versions I will research it for programmatic solution.
default-fragments = 5
default-fragment-size-msec = 2


Excellent work, still use the original ModPlug Player, but now there a new version to try.

Looks good so far, once I've set the colours.

I know its in the test stages but I've noticed I cant set the mixing rate or bit rate, It always goes back to 16bit 44.1khz and I cant move the window. ( windows 10 )
I'll will test it  tomorrow when I have more time.
Don't forget to add .C67 file types to the load box . just tested the original Amnesia demos CDFM tracks  and they work. wasn't sure if the Adlib tracks would show on the spectrum analyser but they did.

looking forward to your next update.


I agree, it is great to see good old modplug player back in action. I did a test - made a pair of .it files quick, one with a direct x effect on and one without just to test and it played them both correctly as they would play in ompt :)

a thought though - when I installed, the entire thing was red and I had no clue what buttons did what (it has been a bunch of years), eventually I found the settings and changed the colours... and of corse most of the buttons dont work. Either way it is great to see the old boy kicking again and I am very much looking forward to the first official release. Do you have any plans on if MPP is going to check the computer for installs of OMPT and then reference it for any more complex vsts? because that would be insanely awesome, but even without that I could see myself getting into sticking to the direct x effects as a challange and making a playlist for it personally :)
I would suggest a system that remembers the last folder you opened on the computer so you dont have to go through the file tree every time you want to get a tune, and also I wonder if you plan on adding mptm as a possible file time to be played within.

Great work, good luck, and I hope you are having a good time making it.
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