Envelope carry flag in .IT format

Started by TheRealByteraver, November 16, 2019, 18:07:48

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Hi, while reading through ittech.txt (the .IT file format description) I was unable to find any reference to the envelope carry flag, i.e. how one can determine if envelope carry is enabled for a given instrument. I thought this was maybe a feature limited to the mptm format but when googling a bit about the subject I found that people mentioned it as an .IT feature. Is this information (envelope carry enabled / disabled) saved somewhere in an .IT file? If so, where and how? Thanks in advance for your answer.

Saga Musix

Envelope carry was added only in the very latest IT versions (I think it's even only available in the registered versions) and thus it's missing from ITTECH. It's bit 3 (0x08) of the envelope flags.
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