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Started by Fatarse, October 19, 2019, 12:00:29

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Has anyone got cheesetracker to work on Linux mint 19.1?



Louigi Verona

Where do you get it? It's not in the standard repos, is it?


From cheesetrackers main site as a Linux zip file , but you need the right distro to make it work! As far as I know there are only two distro's that support it with latest version of Linux. The old distros have wiped it from the older repos! Basically removed from the face of the earth 🌍 🥛 Milkytracker is going the same way! I even think Chibi tracker is dying a cruel death 💀 in Linux land! I can't wait for Appimage to replace this repo fiasco! To make it easy for all to install under Linux. I have been waiting 30 years for this type of Linux install to come along I even suggested it 30 years ago.... I guess they finally did it! Now they have caught up to using a simple installer like we have in windows!

Oh by the way I have cheesetracker working in another distro using jack audio! And I have Sound tracker working also! Now all I need to get working is chibi tracker working in Linux...




Why would cheesetracker work with jack audio and not the other way do you think?


To answer question , I believe linux mint doesn't support cheesetracker  🧀 from 15.0 onwards... they removed it from the repos... like so many other distros.


Also cheesetracker requires certain audio drivers to run , from the cheesetracker settings it shows oss audio driver and jack audio driver other that than there really is no other audio driver supported! OSS is pretty much dead 💀 I did see that they are working on version 4.0 for later distros, so that only leaves jack audio! As for linux mint jack audio is supported but not cheese tracker.

I have Chibi tracker running now also....

One final thought 💭 does anyone have beast synth sequencer running on linux I can't seem to get it working?