Upgrading the upgraded splash screen.

Started by Harbinger, July 01, 2019, 17:28:48

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Whenever i load MPT, i love the recently designed, sleek look of the splash screen, but it's a little boring. The beautiful logo on a plain black rectangle.

As an artist, my creative juices started flowing about how we could make the new logo look even better during loadup. So i've attached a couple of rough drafts.

They both rely on an idea that i don't know can be implemented easily - non-rectangular windows. IOW, instead of looking at a plain rectangle, the splash screen is oddly shaped - sleekly shaped, something to complement the new logo.

Splash1 shows the new logo on a perspective sheet of an example Pattern page, fading to black.
Splash2 shows the new logo on a cutout black backdrop, with a handy slogan, whatever we decide to use. (I forgot about "Discover the music inside" when i created this mockup.) This one is closer to the vision i was originally inspired to do.

Any thoughts on the matter?

Saga Musix

Shortly put: We are very happy with the splash screen as it is, and of course you can update the resources in any way you want for your personal builds, but we won't write any code to make it easier for people to make their own semi-transparent splash screens. That development time is better invested in other parts of the project.
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How about upgrading the unupgraded splash screen?

EDIT: I think I should also give some criticism.

The first splash screen just doesn't look very appealing. The gradient is too dark and kind of jarring, and the Open MPT logo should have an outline, since it's quite hard to look at. Plus, the screenshot in the background should use the default color scheme and perhaps the small font size, to represent what you see when you first boot it up.

The second one is just way too large. Imagine booting up OpenMPT and just seeing this:

It's too large and empty. There doesn't need to be this much black filler space in it. I think something like this would work better (the alpha channel is kind of constipated but I'll revise this anyway since I don't know what font "OpenMPT" is written in):

I have too much free time.
But honestly, I'm indifferent about changing the splash screen. It's ok as it is. After all, OpenMPT is made for composing, not for looking at the splash screen for 5 seconds. They have more important things to work on.


What I think you're trying to say is that you want a splash screen that represents not only OpenMPT itself but also making music, that is tracking, in general within OMPT just the old ModPlug Tracker splash.

Better yet, this makes a really good compo just like the example song compos. The top three or four splashes get to be featured in a future release of OpenMPT, of which first place is the default splash. Current splash included. ;)


Honestly, I'm with Saga Musix on this one. The current splash screen looks very good, and IMHO does not need another upgrade as of yet.

In fact, adding transparency to the splash screen almost makes the splash screen age 10 to 20 years. Back in the day, you had these weird looking splash screens, but that was then. Nowadays that just looks amateurish (sorry, not meant as an offense).

Like fashion, the looks and what generally is accepted changes over time. Having (semi) transparent splash screens is one of them.

Current fashion would say: Follow the Windows 10 Fluent design. So semi transparency is a go if it blurs whatever is behind it.
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Midori Mizuno

To be completely honest, i don't like any of these splash screen propositions, maybe except for the last one which looks alright (https://i.imgur.com/PKcLcqp.gif)

I still don't see the need for doing this, it's reinventing the wheel, and the current one looks professional and streamlined enough. There's nothing intrinsically wrong about it being rectangular.


I updated the design too. This one has full opacity and a rectangular shape so it fits in with modern splash screens. It's easy on the eyes, whilst still looking very pleasing and representing the software very well. I can send the original JPEG to Saga if he wants to add it to OpenMPT. Can't wait to see it in the next update! :D


Saga Musix

Okay kids, the playground is closed. This thread has attracted more than enough troll replies. If this is the way you want to show your appreciation for the time and effort we spent on giving this software to you for free, try finding a better one.
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