Tone Pormento, zero units?

Started by Fleshbits, May 29, 2019, 02:56:08

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I am trying to convert some of my old tracked songs into Cubase.

I've got an XM tune that I did around 2000. I don't know why there are 300 for effect and g00 for volume on a bunch of my notes. When I read the manual in modtracker for XM, I'd think it has zero effect because the tone pormento is moving zero units from the previous note to the current.

Was I just dumb in 2000 or does it actually do something that I don't understand 19 years later?

Saga Musix

A tone parameter of 0 will repeat the previous tone portamento, so in your case the g08 effect would be repeated. The manual did indeed claim that there was no effect memory for the gxx command, but it correctly said that 3xx has effect memory (look at the "Mem" column), this has now been fixed.
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