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« on: May 08, 2019, 20:50:20 »
Hey there.

I've just been using Psycle and noticed that samples sound (for want of better words, Crisper, Cleaner?) Kick drums have a more snappy attack etc.

Why is that? In fact to MY ears any sample I put in Psycle sounds a lot better than the samples I use in Ompt. I don't think this is a volume/loudness issue I think there is something else going on.
Is there something in Modplugs settings I can change?

TBH using my samples in Psycle sound better than any DAW I've used. ( I could be going mad lol)  :o)

BTW I'm not knocking Ompt (It's my weapon of choice) But just playing a Pad sample etc... sounds miles better in Psycle...?

Try it yourself.
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Re: Sound?
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2019, 08:16:36 »
I don't know about Psycle's internals but OpenMPT applies a short fade-in at every sample to avoid clicks caused by bad samples. Unfortunately those clicks are often wanted in kick drums.
A simple fix that works without modifying OpenMPT's settings is to add about 16 samples of silence at the start of the kick sample in OpenMPT's sample editor. It will sound more crisp then.

Apart from that Psycle may of course use a different resampler which may produce a different sound, but I expect Psycle to use a resampler with comparable quality as OpenMPT by default, so this shouldn't make a difference. However, different volume levels can indeed give a different impression of "quality" (louder sounds better), so this is indeed an important detail for comparison.
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