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Wrong Octave

Started by bosco, April 22, 2019, 11:27:24

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I'm fairly new to OpenMPT and trackers in general and I've discovered something puzzling which I hope someone here could clarify for me.

I've noticed that, by default, notes sound one octave lower than the note I entered. So if I enter A-4 and hit play I hear A-3. I've also checked with my chromatic guitar tuner to ensure I'm not mistaken.

I've tried Google for an explanation but haven't had much success.

Any guidance would be gratefully received.  :)


Are you using Samples or VST Instruments?
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Saga Musix

OpenMPT does not use scientific pitch notation. OpenMPT's octaves are inherited from Impulse Tracker, where C-5 is the middle-C.
That being said, for the correct note to be heard, your sample (or plugin) must of course play a real middle-C (i.e. C4) at C-5 for the logic to work out.
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@LPChip - I'm using a square wave sample.

@Saga Musix - So OpenMPT's middle-C is C-5. Well that would explain it. :)

I've figured out how to remap notes under the Instruments panel so I have a work around. Might be nicer if there was a `use scientific pitch notation'' tick box under Setup.

Thanks for the info. :)