How to create Trap Beats on OpenMpt ?

Started by Chandravadan Bachhav, April 02, 2019, 13:01:24

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Chandravadan Bachhav

in sequencing trap beats , particularly the hi hats ,we have to input note as small as 1/32 , 1/64 to emulate that special TRAP beat fill. How to do this in our OpenMpt ?

Saga Musix

You can either
- increase the tempo to have double the amount of detail available in the pattern or more. Depending on the format and tempo more you are working in, there are several ways to increase the detail:
- use the Retrigger command (Qxx in S3M/IT/MPTM, Rxx in XM, E9x in MOD) to repeat a note several times per row. Please read more about the Retrigger command in the Effect Reference.
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Also, you can use note delays (SDx in S3M/IT/MPTM) to add a small delay for an individual note in case you have just one note on one row that you want to start slightly later.
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where can we try a listen to your trap music?


If you know a large part of your song is going to be intricate notes you doubletime the song, so for trap you're looking at 130-150 BPM. Then just double the length of your patterns, and draw everything on the halfs instead of the the quarters.