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[new song / instrumental hiphop acapella vocal mix
« on: March 30, 2019, 02:31:30 »
Hey everybody got a new beat made with my 16bit tracker.
Only vst effects i use is compressor beceause i don't have knowledge about that stuff.

made this tune for a guy, i meth from instagram i liked his sound so i asked if i could make a remix here is the song:

the original song is here, i really like the vocals so that's why i made the mix :) here it is:

[10 channels]
[compressor vst effect]
[mixxed with high low basse the knobs in the mixxer]
[cutoff and notch]

really like to optimize my sound make it more bold, every channel. do i need hardware for that?
i can go to a music studio and let it master, but what they do? anyway i don't have the knowledge of vst effects.

thanks for listening and i'm sorry i don't have a site to propper upload my tunes.

Happy weekend,

Best regards.

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