Select Channel during playback

Started by Bleetz, November 24, 2018, 17:50:19

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Is this possible? I'm sure I've done it before in OpenMPT???...  :-\
I know Milkytracker does it... I use this function to transpose channels/blocks of riffs etc to work with the rest of the tune during playback.
But Modplug won't let me. I'm sure it's in the settings somewhere? Just canni find it!  :-\


If "Follow Song" is on during playback, selections usually disappear after the cursor moves to the next row. You can disable/enable it with the "Follow Song" checkbox at the top of the Pattern view (and there's a couple of other settings related to it in the Setup's General tab).


Awesome! Thanks a lot! ;) That will do. Can't believe I over looked that. I've only been using Modplug since 2002 lol!  ;D