Where can one host tracks?

Started by CrazyAznGamer, May 23, 2006, 23:48:57

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Yes, I am perfectly aware that anybody can find a free website hosting place and create a crap website, FTP-ing stuff to it.
Is there another place where you can just host music? (You know, like an ImageShack.us only with other filetypes) It'd be convenient, you know, so I can share stuff without worrying about bandwidth or somebody laughing at poor web design or all the trouble of FTPing.

Oh, and hi. I'm a MPT user for... uh... 1-2 years? And just decided to join teh community I guess. :D
I guess it's because I don't have a fast connection and a fast computer, so I stick with compact, efficient progs (because I can respekt what people do with other programs... but MPT rox0rz anyways).

EDIT: My bad, I found another thread with answers.


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