Author Topic: [Alt-Rock] Ear Hair (mp3) ballad about abuse - google drive download  (Read 567 times)

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Made almost entirely in modplug, other than the recorded singing, this song was inspired by many things including my survival of a recent farm attack here in South Africa, my grandmother's death and the documentary 'the red pill'.
Very emotional.

I hope you enjoy it since this is the only place I will be posting it for free download.

guitar made using bluearp and spicy-guitar, if anyone is interested in the other interesting free tools I used, feel free to ask :)
I did all the singing.

Listen to the tears, they drip loudly
Awaken, we all live in fear, death arrives swiftly

Do you, block your ears, while hearts are unfolding
say you, try walking in their shoes give it a year

Over and over, the abuse ricochets against the walls of our defenses
Each time we loose more care, loose more hair in our ears
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