Less that 8 bit depth file export option?

Started by 8bit_coder, November 10, 2017, 22:07:03

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After opening up a MOD file to export, I chose the lossless export option. The bit depth of export can go from 32 bit down to 8 bit. But what happens if I want to export a file in a bit depth lower than 8? It's for an experiment, and I would like to try 6, 4, 2, and 1 bit depth. If anyone can help out, thanks.

Saga Musix

There is no way to specify such a bit depth in most streaming audio formats. You can specify almost any bit depth you want in the WAV format, but it will still be padded to multiples of 8 bit, e.g. if you were to specify a bit depth of 4 bit, it's really just an 8-bit file with the lower 4 bits set to 0 (or being ignored). If it's just about wanting to know what the result would sound like, you can amplify the volume of the exported sample by 50% for each bit that you want to remove, e.g. amplify by 50% for 8 bit to 7 bit conversion, and then another 50% for 7 bit to 6 bit conversion, etc... and then of course normalize it again afterwards to hear the result at full volume.
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