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Started by Wodd, October 02, 2017, 19:59:42

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I read that OpenMPT is now "fully Unicode-aware." What does that mean exactly? Does it apply only to reading of module file names? I noticed that, when naming module components (channels, patterns, samples, instruments, and sequences), the characters display correctly in the text input fields (sometimes)*. But, they don't display correctly in the tree view. For example, when I placed a superscript four character in the sequence name box, it displayed a digit four character in the tree view. Many characters (such as Japanese text or emoticons) display 1 or 2 question marks in the tree view. Switching away from the named component and switching back to it replaces the Unicode character inserted with 1 or 2 question marks. I am using code revision 9021.

* (sometimes): When I loaded a file that was named ↓.wav, both the sample name and the file name are ?, not ↓. The audio works with no problems. But, the name looks odd.
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Saga Musix

I will answer this by quoting the full changelog item instead of just the two words that you picked: "OpenMPT's file handling is now fully unicode-aware".
If it's still not clear, there is even a forum post explaning it:
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Thank you, Saga Musix. I did look at that, but must have forgotten what I read.
I love Daisy (デイジー)!