Moving the Cursor to the Next Pattern Via the Down Arrow

Started by Really Weird Person, May 21, 2006, 00:29:58

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Really Weird Person

My computer was just reloaded today. However, ModPlug Tracker does not allow me to navigate to the next pattern via the down arrow key anymore. What I mean by this is that if I move my cursor to the last row (1,024) and hit the down arrow, nothing happens. Is this supposed to happen, or is ModPlug Tracker supposed to allow navigation to the next pattern via the down arrow? When I say reloaded, I mean that Windows XP was reinstalled totally. I do have my ONEMUST directory still, though. That is where I keep all of my music. I have been modifying music for the past 5 years (2002-2006)! I would really hate to lose all of that work. Plus, my dad would feel bad. We would not want that now, would we?

Squirrel Havoc

As far as I know, going below the last row goes to the top row of the same pattern, always has. And I like it that way, I work one pattern at a time, so I am jumping from top to bottom to top all the time.
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Really Weird Person

So what you are saying is that using the down arrow makes the cursor move to row 1 of the pattern that you are currently in? It does not move to row 1 of the next pattern? That sounds weird. After all, Casey Kelly is the weirdest. It does not do that either. When I hit the down arrow (the same thing happens at the top if I hit the up arrow), ModPlug Tracker does nothing.


There's an option called continious scroll in the setup. If that doesn't do the trick, then there's another option there to do it.
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Really Weird Person