Visual Studio 2017 Errors

Started by Wodd, August 17, 2017, 20:28:46

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I installed Visual Studio 2017 earlier today and received 2 errors when attempting to compile vs2017.sln. (64-bit release build)
Error   C1063   compiler limit: compiler stack overflow
Error   D8040   error creating or communicating with child process
I set it up for desktop environment when I installed it. I figured that is what I needed for OpenMPT and didn't need the other setup modes. How do I get rid of those errors? Do I need to download a fresh batch of code (as I did not do that)? I saw mention of putting comments in files upon researching error D8040. But, that is dangerous sometimes. It is especially dangerous with a code set as sophisticated as the one for OpenMPT. It doesn't take much to trigger breakpoints in the code if using comments.
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This is a bug in Visual Studio, obviously.
I will write up a proper test case and report to Microsoft tomorrow.
Work-around committed in r8794.