64 midi channels with midi ports B,C,D with Kontakt

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), October 01, 2017, 00:01:57

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Maybe  a silly question : would there be a way to use midi ports B, C, and D, in Kontakt, from OpenMPT, in order to be able to use 64 midi channels ?
(ports A(16) +  B(16) + C(16) + D (16) = 64)

(currently I load as many Kontakt VSTi sessions as necessary, to use more than 16 midi channels)

Saga Musix

Same answer as four years ago is still valid. :) https://forum.openmpt.org/index.php?topic=5088.0
There is simply no way to technically address more than 16 MIDI channels in a VST2 plugin.
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Wow, indeed, time to get my memory pills  ;D

Thanks for the remind. ;D