Sample Is Popping on Note Cut

Started by I-S3-O, September 16, 2017, 21:46:13

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I'm having a problem with a sample I made. I used IloSynth to create a stereo bass sample, and when I tried it out with Note Cuts, it pops. What can I do to fix it?

I tried to mess with the beginning of the sample to see if cutting it off at a different time would work, but that would cause one of the halves to start above the 0 line.

What other options do I have?

If you need the project, I'll try to attach again. But I've already tried many times, and it keeps saying the file I'm trying to bring is too big, and I barely have anything in it.

Thanks for the help.

Saga Musix

Simply put, a bass sample contains low frequencies where the chance is very high that when you stop the sample, it's currently at a very high gain. It has to be ramped down to zero from that level, and OpenMPT by default uses very short fade ramps in order to have punchier transients when needed. For bass samples, I would recommend to not use Note Cuts but instead fade the note out with a quick fade - for example using something like D0F (IT/S3M/MPTM) or A0F (MOD/XM) in the pattern, or making use of the instrument fade property in instrument mode (some high value > 2000 or so for a quick fade should do the trick).
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Thanks for the explanation. I'll do that then.