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Started by Badger, February 02, 2017, 10:10:19

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Hello! First post. I'm familiar with MOD trackers since my Amiga ProTracker days, but new to Open MPT.

Perhaps because of that I find myself yearning for the same "piano-style" note entry system as ProTracker used -

C3 = Z
C#3 = S
D3 = X
D#3 = D
E3 = C
F3 = V

...and so on. Now, I'm sure I can get used to the way that OpemMPT does it if I have to, but is this possible in OpenMPT?

Saga Musix

Yes. Go to the keyboard configuration and reconfigure the keys to your taste, or use one of the preset keymaps that come with the program. In the latter case, "US_mpt-it2_classic.mkb" might be the best choice. You can find it in the "More Keymaps" folder that should be visible when clicking the "Import Keys" button.
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Fantastic. I had a look in the keyboard config but wanted to check that this was an option before wading in and screwing everything up, haha. Thank you!