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Started by Louigi Verona, May 17, 2006, 05:21:51

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Louigi Verona

Tracker programms always had this limitation, something that at times made it impossible to get the desired result: you can apply only one effect to the note. In a sequencer programm there is no such a limitation.
Of course, you could use a column with small letters to get the second effect, like set volume, volume slide, portamento, but those are very limited.
I suggest making it possible to apply numerous effects to the note. It can be done with the help of a pull down menu, where you write several (at least two) efects and apply all of them to the note. Cause sometimes you'd like to apply an offset effect and a portamento to the note while using a D05 volume slide and setting the volume of the note to 34:

F-5 v32 D05 <-- this is the only thing you can do.

If the effect colume could've been expanded with a pull down menu or whatever:

F-5 v3 D05

And when you entered the effects, you close it and in the pattern it is somehow indicated that there are several effects applied to this note, like with a special highlight or whatever.

This is an idea which I had in mind many years.


Perhaps not entirely on-topic, but related. I think more trackers should explore the possibilities of instrument envelopes, especially in combination with cloned instruments.


Lougi.. Yes this has been on the todo list pretty much since we got the source code.. some trackers can do this already (e.g. renoise).


And not to mention that its not that easy...

This alteration isn't only cosmetic, its also programmed whise. Some effects are hard to do at the same time.
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For the moment, this could be solved by adding one or more channels with the same note at the same row.

Of course the volume of each note has to be adjusted lower, to get the same overall amplitude.


Here's an the note through the tracker with the first effect, record it back into a .wav file. Reload the .wav as a sample and apply the second effect to that sample. Of course its a little more work but it's an idea. I figure most of the time you wouldn't need more than one effect anyway.
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Quote from: "Sam_Zen"For the moment, this could be solved by adding one or more channels with the same note at the same row.
I think this can't be used always; for example if one would like to enter effect between the rows, it requires(?) adjusting ticks/row.