Moving repo to github?

Started by djliquidice, May 25, 2016, 14:18:58

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I read of the sourceforge issue forcing you guys to use your own SVN repo, but that got me wondering.

I know i'm a newbie here, but I'm wondering if you folks have considered moving to github. 

I ask because git > SVN in many ways and github is a fantastic service that allows for social coding, which could enhance the contribution rate from the community of this project.

Saga Musix

Quotewhich could enhance the contribution rate from the community of this project.
1) I doubt that. The people who want to contribute already have ways to do so (and they use them). I would even argue that creating a patch file is considerably easier than going through github's convoluted pull request process.
2) We are very happy with hosting the code ourselves. We didn't move away from one free hoster just to see the next one being crushed by its popularity.
3) We are very happy with using SVN.
That said, there may be a git mirror in the future, this has been planned at some point but not turned into reality yet.

And don't get me started on git.
(also, most people confuse "moving to github" with "moving to git" - github is not the only free platform offering git, and github does not only offer git repositories.)
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I'm contemplating about at least providing a GIT mirror since quite some time now.
However, providing a workable mirror with proper history is really not trivial for a rather old and in the past considerably messy VCS history like OpenMPT SVN.
A simple "git-svn clone" just wont qualify as anything near "proper". And, especially for git, NO mirror is better than a bad mirror because a bad mirror will essentially be a source repository fork that cannot easily get integrated back because bugfixes to the converted history cannot ever be merged back into the fork because git does not allow rewriting history without changing every commit id.