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Started by Harbinger, September 06, 2015, 15:49:10

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While looking thru the new About box in 1.25, I noticed a glaring omission...

I noticed there was no listing for an openMPT contributor who created the first in-depth and exhaustive Users Manual for openMPT. From what I understand, he spent years keeping it up-to-date, providing useful info for veterans and beginners alike, and seemed to be very astute about making openMPT easy to get into and advance in. He provided plenty of graphics, a well-outlined and intuitive text, and very helpful lists for complicated subjects. This offline help manual was the source material for the very widely used wikimanual for openMPT, which now makes it easier to keep the help material updated and accessible to anyone online.

I think his name should go at least at the bottom, as an honorable mention for his legacy in reducing the learning curve for openMPT.

I just can't seem to recall his name -- Habersham, Harming-her, Hellbringer, I know it began with H!  :P


We wanted to add it, but none of us could remember the name. I even thought it started with an L... Go figure. :nuts:
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For what it's worth, I seem to have found the name right on the first page of the manual itself. I do agree it deserves a place in the credits section as well, though.
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Thanks! I'll send him a telegram of the good news (I think I got his old address somewhere around here.)

I'll bet he'll get a kick out of this!  ;D