"Exception in Dispatch(23)!" Error and Resulting Fear

Started by Techno.Jon, July 10, 2015, 04:16:59

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Hi again,

I think I've once again maxed out OpenMPT.  I have three instances of Kontakt 5 loaded using a grand total of about 3.7 gigs of memory, and MPT has begun throwing me the error whose content is the namesake of this thread and who looks like this:

Now, this is not the first time this has happened to me, and I know it's an error resulting from MPT running out of memory (guess it's finally time to switch to the x64 version).  What I'm most concerned about is the loss of data that will result from this error, as happened in the past, and also my inability to continue work on this project, which is even worse considering that lost data can be rewritten.  My real question, then, is whether there is an easy way to port Kontakt-based stuff to the x64 version or if I will have to take screenshots now and re-set everything up upon installation of the new version.  What I mean is, can I, like, install x64 MPT, load the x64 Kontakt into it, close it all, and reopen this module (edit: meaning the last good backup) and still have Kontakt load everything and not break?  I don't know how the x86 and x64 versions differ internally, with regard to both MPT and Kontakt, and I don't want to accidentally break things worse or be kicked back to square zero.

And of course, is there any way at all to reliably save my module at this time, or will I have to deal with recreating what I have to?

Stuff because it's important:
Win7 x64, AMD everything, 8G RAM, hard disk that's too full (ugh), MSI mainboard, MPT 1.24.04 x86.  Here's the module if you want it (with the errorful save), here's the most recent backup, and here's a WIP mp3 if you wanna hear it ;)
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Most plugins (with very few exceptions) store their plugin data in a format that is identical in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so yes, simply give it a try, Kontakt should be able to load your settings in the 64-bit version as well. And even if it doesn't, you can also use the plugin bridge in the 32-bit version and explicitely bridge the 32-bit version of Kontakt (and disable "share bridge instance" so that every bridged instance has its own memory space).

EDIT: And to re-iterate what is being said on the download site and wiki: If you use a lot of 32-bit plugins which are not available as 64-bit plugins, the approach above is better than switching to the x64 version entirely, because then you'd have to bridge all those other plugins, and every bridged plugin adds latency. So if the majority of plugins you use is available as 64-bit plugins, the 64-bit version will be optimal for you. On the other hand, if the majority of plugins is only available as 32-bit plugins, it would be better to keep using the 32-bit version and only run Kontakt in the plugin bridge in its own process with its own 4GB of memory per instance.
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