[Folk Song] Divas and Lazarus

Started by Morgenblume, May 02, 2006, 21:57:03

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Thank you Matt Hartman for allowing me to have this song on your webspace. It is now available for download from there.



Matt Hartman

You are certainly welcome Ms. M

I encourage everyone to take a listen! This artist has some genuine talent to be remarked upon.

The song itself is very refreshing and the instrumentation along with the vocals are spot on.

Great job!
Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever.


This isn't really "my style", but it was enjoyable nonetheless.  :)

Matt Hartman

I'm not picking on you xaimus, but I always find it interesting why something has to be "my style" in order for it to produce appreciation?

You're not the first person to say this.

I find a lot of people say this when leaving comments on songs.
If it is enjoyed on some level, it is simply enjoyed.

Obviously, there is some part of the song people identify with so by saying it isn't "my style" or "preference" is actually a bit of a contradiction.

I think if people allowed themselves the gift of open mindedness, they could employ a broader sense of enjoyment in life and more artist's would receive the respect and kudos they deserve.

I'm not singling you out, you just touched on an issue I ponder from time to time.
Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever.


When I write "this isn't my style", I simply mean that this kind of music isn't what I normally listen to. The reason I mention it is so that the composer will know that I may not have the references he/she expects, and it has absolutely nothing to do with how enjoyable I find it.