[Classical/Contemporary] "1873" MP3

Started by Matt Hartman, May 02, 2006, 18:28:46

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Matt Hartman

It's been a great long while since I've posted any tracked song on the internet, in a "free" sense that is.

I'm pleased to announce my latest song I've titled, "1873" for your listening pleasure or displeasure.  :wink:

This song will be the intro for my revised company website which is themed around the 1800's. I really feel connected to this point in history; technologically advanced yet not too advanced in which a sense of balance was eroded. I've tried to capture some of the expressions from these feelings.

Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever.


very beautiful piece, and great emotion, tho to me it sounds more modern 'easy listening' style than romantic period.

Matt Hartman

Thanks for the comments Snu.

I could be wrong, but I'm not exact on the 1800's being classified as the romantic period. I think that was the 1500-1600's, no?

The piece itself is more contemporary in form. I'm not entirely sure why I choose to express it this way because I certainly could have produced a song that was more authentic to the period.

At this point, I feel like the song reflects my perspective in the fact that I feel somewhat connected to the time, yet in the same respect somewhat removed, as if it's something that's not tangible.

Perhaps a little reminiscent.

Regardless, I value your opinion and it's great to hear feedback. It's also great to appreciate the value of the impressions it's gives my listeners. There's some insight into that.

I also wanted to note one of the better inspirations was the soundtrack for the film, "The Piano". For some reason or other, the music really tugs at me to the point that I often hear it in my head, even 6 years after the fact.

Thanks again.
Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever.


actually, 1500-1600 was the renaissance period... after that came:
Baroque (1600 - 1750) -- time of bach, vivaldi
Classical (1750 - 1820) -- time of mozart, haydn
Romantic (1820 - 1910) -- time of beethoven, chopin

the exact years are a little vague depending on which source you look at, as not everyone agrees on some points... but those are generally the years.
regardless, 1873 is squarely in the romantic period.

i feel a sort of connection to that time period too, especially the music, which is why i would consider myself a neo-romantic composer in many ways.


The only comment I can give is that it sounds a bit like a romantic piece played by an angry person. Still it's way better than anything I'll ever accomplish. Great work.

Matt Hartman

Snu, thanks for the clarification on that. You learn something new every day. :)

Speed, thanks for the compliment. Yet, don't sell yourself short by believing its better than anything you'll ever accomplish.

I don't know your abilities on the onset, and you may be trying to give an honest assessment of those abilities. (which is good)

Yet,  I can certainly tell you life takes many unexpected turns if you allow it to. You should hear some of my first tracks.  :oops:

It's a process.
Yeah, sure. Right. Whatever.


I'm not selling myself short with that comment, but during the 13 or so years since my first tracked piece of music I've come to realize that music isn't my forte. And that is my honest assessment. If it wasn't so much fun I would've given it up ages ago.