Update markers when importing sample?

Started by Wurlit, November 03, 2014, 18:28:39

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Hi, i'm processing the samples of some IT and S3M tracks and i ran into an issue. I exported the .wav files and upsampled them at 16bit/96khz, since i know that the tracker doesn't support a higher bit depth. Having done with the cleaning and enhancing of the sounds, i tried to import them back into their IT/S3M files. The problem is that i want to leave the loop markers intact. Since after the import the markers reset, i had to copy their values so i could re-enter them, but doing so i see that now their position is different - due to the changed frequency. Is there a way to do this? Import a sample with another frequency and update the markers matching their first position in time? The images below illustrate the problem.



Thanks for any input.

Saga Musix

The actual solution here would be to use
1) a sample editor that doesn't trash loop markers
2) try the latest OpenMPT test builds which have support for arbitrary resampling, powered by r8brain.
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