Changing resonance and cutoff -- problem solved!

Started by Harbinger, April 27, 2006, 18:22:51

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I tried to get in on the forums on the 26th, but i think the server was shut down, so i was forced to go home and do some experimenting to find the answer.

I needed to apply a rez filter to my staccato synth to get that rez you hear in Rave and Trance tracks.  Unable to find the answer anywhere, i did some experimenting and voila!

For anyone who needs to know, the Z effect changes the cutoff value from lowest (80) to highest (FF). At the lowest value, the cutoff filter will filter out even the lowest tones, virtually shutting off the sound, and at the highest setting, all harmonics are allowed to pass (be heard). I can apply the Zxx effect (which is NOT really a macro like the lower Zxx values are) like any other effect and it will change the cutoff/resonance.

Does anyone care to add anything, which i may not know?


Actually, Zxx is a macro. Z00-Z7F controls parametered macros which can be selected with SFx and Z80-ZFF fixed macros. By default, macro 0 is active on all channels and is configured such that Z00-Z7F controls filter cutoff. The default fixed macros are such that Z80-8F control filter resonance.
If Z80-ZFF controls cutoff on your system, then you have changed your fixed macro config... which is fine, but other will need to do the same to get the same results.

See this post:


I stand corrected, but only because i still don't know how to set up the macros. All i know is, when i opened the Zxx window (to set up these things), i saw that Z80 was for filter cutoff. After a little experimentation, i found that the values between 80 and FF control the cutoff as if i were moving the slider as the pattern played. That's all i needed to know!

I still don't how to set up custom macros for other uses, as i haven't found any info on it. I see that values can be placed in certain fields in the macro config window, but i don't know what it's doing or what values to use.

Any info? (The link you gave me doesn't say HOW to use the config window.) :(

BTW, i think i DID change the Z80 so it does affect only the cutoff. What i should i do to get the same effect, but more universal?