doubling 'pattern resolution'/speed while maintaining BPM - how

Started by aleksb, April 07, 2014, 20:08:17

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i'd like to ask how would i simply 'double' the resolution of a pattern (have twice the amount of rows at disposal to place note events), while maintaining the BPM.

say i am using an A03 TAE commands. this sets my MPT to 174 BPM with 3 ticks per row. this is working fine and a 64-row pattern yields exactly two bars of material @ 174 BPM. if i were to increase the 'row resolution' by doubling the BPM... i can't because i can't seem to be able to set the BPM beyond the value of 255.

if i want to acquire more ticks by going A02, i do get a greater 'resolution', however measures are now off in that they are not multiples of four, but three (so beat number 2 is not at row 8, but row 12). this is not really practical.

so, to reiterate: how can i keep the regular 'multiples of fours' framework while doubling the speed/precision? (if it in fact were possible to go beyond 255BPM, i would indeed double up the spacing between notes to maintain the tempo. i just do not know how to go faster than 255.)

i hope this makes some sense. :)

thank you very much!


alright, I crawled through the menu's and realised 'general>song properties' set to (type) 'openMPTM' and (tempo) to 'modern (accurate)' does the trick, along with setting up 'rows per beat' and 'rows per measure' accordingly.

been many years since i delved into this menu.

maybe this can be a future reference for someone looking to do the same?