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(Fusion) That one stupid key...[8CH MOD]
« on: March 17, 2014, 16:12:43 »
Am i not allowed to get carried away or something with this track? :P

Lenght:02m20s / File size uncompressed:298 KB
Is an special type of MOD (8 channels, more octaves,...) that can't be played back on the Amiga, and is based around the XM version of MOD. Just an warning, since playback can get cocky on some Module Players ;).
The samples were created with Synth1, except for the spoken samples, those i created from an VST plugin called VstSpeek3 and the one mere Bongo recording (which i recorded with my mixing stuff).
Enjoy, and please leave an comment about the track if you liked it :).
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