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Started by vince94, January 23, 2014, 03:32:23

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Whenever I work with samples, and am typing in notes from the keyboard or from a MIDI device, the program always stops playing the sample when I lift my finger off of the key. Why doesn't this happen when I'm using Instruments? It just keeps playing the note, and is only stopped by waiting for a very long time, or by hitting the escape key. This causes quite a note pileup if you're trying to hit the right note by ear.
Am I forgetting something in the Instruments tab? Other than this, my experience with OpemMPT has been fantastic!

Saga Musix

In sample mode, the only possible "note off" action is to stop the sample. However, with instruments you have fade-out and release envelopes, and these get applied when entering instruments. I admit that the default behaviour when there is no volume envelope can be a bit annoying since the default fade-out (256) is relatively slow, so I'll see if anything can be done about that.
At the moment, one solution would be to add a proper volume envelope as you'd probably want to do it with instruments anyway.
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