"Amplify" function for "Z" values

Started by RG (aka AUDIOMONSTER), August 28, 2013, 20:10:14

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Just composing, right now with OpenMPt, I realize it would be usefull to have an "Amplify" function, in the pattern editor, for "Zxy" values, as it already exists for volume effects (like "Vxy") ;-)

(As it seems to have no effect when you try it on "Zxy" values...Or maybe I missed something again ;-))

Indeed, I use "Zxy" to precisely real-time control "Modwheel",  and I sometimes want to keep the progression but with less intensity...That's were "Amplify" would be nice, as in "normal" tracking...


+1 for the idea, but I'd like this for the PCM's instead. Would make much more sense to implement it for them.
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It's not exactly the same since it's just an absolute addition, but you can use the "Data Entry" shortcuts (not assigned to any keys by default) to increase or decrease any values in your patterns.
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