Stereo Seperation in Instrument Window

Started by Christofori, April 16, 2006, 05:12:40

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First off, thanks for working on MPT guys -- it's been my favorite tracker forever... and the new features are greatly appreciated. ;)

That said, I do like to occasionally use Stereo/Pan Seperation for an instrument in my tracks.  It'd be nice to be able to reverse the pan seperation; as it is now, the low end (below the centre point) is always on the left; the higher stuff is on the right.  What if we want to reverse it?  Or, is this feature already available and I'm just not seeing it?

Thanks in advance! :D
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Hey, a fellow Okie! Where abouts is BA? And what style of music do you work in?
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Hey, Welcome Christofori!

Why would you want to have lower values be panning to the right? Im curious cus I never found the need for that :)
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Wow. Welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure i'm right but i think you're asking because you're used to it being the other way around in another tracker, am i right? I think there's no option for that, but it's not a bad idea. I find it infuriating when my habits are interrupted that way. (Like the subtle but annoying differences in cropping in Photoshop and Photo-paint.)
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Thanks for posting the solution again; since some of the info. was lost it'll be helpful in case anyone else needs the answer. :)
'slightly disturbed and wonderfully content'
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