Modifying the length of Page Up/Down navigation

Started by vince94, October 08, 2012, 02:02:43

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Is there any way to change the number of frames Page Down and Page Up jumps the cursor to? In previous versions it was less than 16, and I imagine this is something that is possible to change.


The page up and down will jump a measure. If you increase the amount of rows per beat, it will change this as well.

Look for the general tab, song properties. It has rows per beat (default 4) and rows per measure (default 16).

If you have row-hilighting enabled you can see it jump to those measures, depending on your keyboard settings.

Note that you can set: Jump up/down by measure/beat or Snap up/down to measure/beat.
See Keyboard config, pattern editor-general (2nd part)
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