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#modulez weekly one hour compos


Saga Musix:
We are having weekly one hour compos in the channel #modulez on The general rules of a one hour compo are explained here.
The compos are held every Sunday 19:00 UTC during DST (that's 21:00 CEST) and 20:00 UTC otherwise (21:00 CET).

There are currently also daily one hour compos at #mod_shrine (also on following the same set of rules.

sounds fun!, will probably try it out very soon.

Saga Musix:
Compos have been moved to Sunday, 20:00 UTC (during "normal" time) and 21:00 UTC (during DST). Fight COVID-19 by staying at home and taking part in a compo! ;)

Very cool! I might join in, but I admit it has been years since I downloaded an Irc client. Looks like I will get one Asa's though.


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