RC2 ctrl+tab doesnot working

Started by l8, May 17, 2006, 18:38:57

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doesnot working correctly in General view, when you have many tracks (128 for example) and ctrl+tab doesnot jump between bookmarks as it suppose to be.
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By default ctrl-tab moves the cursor 1 channel to the left. I have not been able to create a situation where this does not work. Could you explain a little more what the problem is and how to recreate it?


Also, what version are you using? Are you using RC2? latest beta, or perhaps MPT 1.16?
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my english is awfull..

"ctrl+tab doesnot jump between TABS as it suppose to be. i`ve mistaked. i thought that this windows shortcut is working in tracker, but it is not.

sorry for bad post.
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You're right: ctrl-tab is by default mapped to a function in OpenMPT, so Windows does not know your pressed it. If you remove that mapping from your OpenMPT keymap, the windows shortcut should work. Is this a bug? I don't think so.