.28 Crash with Legacy Cell VST plugin

Started by Shakeno, March 24, 2006, 19:39:05

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version (1.17RC2) crashes for me with the Legacy Cell VST plugin... there is any way to fix that?

thank you ;)



Please post each bug in a separate thread. I've split this one out for you.

1. I'd recommend trying with the latest development build ( http://modplug.sourceforge.net/builds/ ). I've used Legacy Cell with no issues with recent builds.

2. If the crash still occurs, please provide some more details, namely: when does it crash? (every time the plugin is loaded, intermittently during playback, consistently during wav rendering...?)



I'm setting this to Pending cos I think it's fixed or unreproducible. Unfortunately the reporter posted as a guest so I can't chase up. Will close within a couple of weeks if there's still no response.


I'm going to be aggressive and close this. Re open if you think it is still a problem.