.42 Confusion over record state

Started by Squirrel Havoc, April 15, 2006, 09:52:39

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Quote from: "rewbs"
Quote from: "Diamond"Rewbs, maybe you should just make it an option in the general preferences whether to have record enabled or disabled by default instead of having the state saved in the INI file.  This should satisfy everyone and is more flexible.
General settings are saved to the INI file too.

Sorry about the minor confusion.  I'm aware of this.  I just meant that having it as an option in the preferences would probably make more sense because if someone prefers the record state to be in an enabled/disabled state by default, they would have to make sure to toggle it before closing the program every time to insure it opens in the preferred mode the next time.


Or maybe the option in the preferences could have 3 modes?  Enabled by default, disabled by default or remember last state.


Quote from: "rewbs"If you all feel it would be more intuitive if a fixed record status (configurable in the general settings) was used for new and loaded songs, rather than remembering the last status you set, I can do that...
There's no solution that would please everyone  :)


What bugs me the most, is that when you load a song, and record was off, you enable it, then close the song, reopen it, and record is set to off again.

I now have record on by closing mpt.

Perhaps just remember the state of record when openmpt closes and is opened again, but for the rest keep the setting throughout every song?
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