MPT nOt exporting my projects as MP3...

Started by Zar, February 28, 2012, 20:05:42

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I've been using OPEN MPT for years now but It never happened before...
there Is no option AVAILABLE of EXPORT AS MP3 any more...
what's the Issue In It If sOmeOne can help mE out about this :)
I'll really & really thankful to yOu :)

Saga Musix

You probably don't have an MP3 encoder installed anymore. Get the latest lame_enc.dll and put it in OpenMPT's folder. Although I'd rather recommend to not use MP3 export from within OpenMPT, but rather export to Wave first, with the "Normalize" option enabled, and then use lamedrop to convert the resulting WAV file to MP3. Or even better, start using OGG instead of MP3 and get oggdrop instead of lamedrop.

PS: That random captialisation isn't cool or anything.
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