My new Archive project, releatet to lost music ...

Started by cnarrow, April 03, 2006, 06:42:27

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If you want help me out with my project, details are on the site.
In short words> On my site (dustontape) are module/music releatet stuff
that are never where to find or get on the www, so it is made for lost music and of course modules!

So if you have one or more of the music files, listet as [Searching] in my archive, you can help this project interactive by send my an email with releatet files.

If you have ideas for this website, they also welcome like other lost Archives :)

You can vistit my page on (in your fav browser).

Thank You, for reading on.

Greetings, frequent/cnarrow/dustontape

Louigi Verona


RonCli is hosting much of what once was available at TiS here in case you didn't know that.


Hi Louigi Verona i've just added your wish onto dustontape :)
Hi speed-goddamn-focus thank you very much for this link!!.
It seems there is not the whole tis archive stored, im seeking some mp3s.

Greetings cnarrow/frequent

Louigi Verona

I'm afraid there are almost no lost tunes, as many things are duplicated at modarchive or hornet of ftp. But at the same time, it's almost impossible to find a particular artist there.

Btw, could you send me the links to more michal wilczynski mods?

Louigi Verona

ah, I found them!

Well, then my input to your project is really not much, is it? Those are not lost mods after all - all of them are at modland.


It is ok, i have it seen on a new modland list, but on my downloadet modland archive there wasn't it. so it just must be uploaded new.
So i have to remove Michal's modules from dustontape.

But i am seeking some files from "drumclub" if anyone has some mp3s from there he can send me an email, i will make a ftp up.

Greetings, frequent

Louigi Verona

You know, I'm not completely sure there ARE any lost modules. There are so many archives with thousands of them. I even found my own mods at modland, some of which were barely shown somewhere and yet - they are all there! How did they manage to find them?


I coult host lost archives im thinkin about it, so me is clear that some music files are on more that one archive, but the archive structure are not the same.
It could be for the most point a historical thing what im managing.

Greetings frequent.