$900 Microtonal Music Competition => $500 first prize!

Started by uncloned, October 19, 2011, 17:09:13

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For those of you who like me walk on the microtonal side of music there is a competition sponsored by an organization I am a part of - Untwelve - with $500, $250, and $150 prizes.


Even if you've never tried writing microtonal music before perhaps now is a good time to try. I will be happy to point you to microtonal music resources. It really isn't that hard because a good composer can make anything work and there are a boatload of great composers here.

There are free micrtonal synths




and affordable ones to buy



And ones you may already have like Kontakt, Absynth, Albino, Dimension Pro, or possibly your hardware support microtonal tunings. You can look here http://www.microtonal-synthesis.com/

And even some DAWs support microtonal tunings like Logic and Celemony Melodyne - and of course OpenMPT

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This is new:

Following the competition, every applicant with an eligible entry will
have the option for their composition to be hosted and linked to on
the UnTwelve website.