Author Topic: Concert #2 from the Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp  (Read 2027 times)

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Concert #2 from the Xenharmonic Praxis Summer Camp
« on: September 03, 2011, 14:17:54 »
link to video

I was invited to spent two weeks in the mountains of West Virginia eating, breathing and living microtonal music.
The video is from the 2nd concert organized during the camp at the Gesundheit! Institute in Hillsboro, West Virgina.
I met a lot of really great and famous people from the microtonal world there.

If you want to download the video for posterity – go to this link:

Below is a reproduction of the concert program. I'm like to point out I built the box-like instrument used on the floor in the center of Ruckus in the Quiet Zone.  It is called a "canon".

I hope you enjoy the show,



Madonna, il poco dolce (31-tone extended meantone)
Nicola Vicentino (1511-1572)

Prayer of Thanks (11-limit just intonation spiral)
Andrew Heathwaite (music), Carey Smith (lyrics)

Thereminnards (14 equal divisions of the octave)
Ralph Lewis

Twang (quartertones)
Michael A. Garman

Idana Konya (traditional tuning)
traditional Bulgarian

Microscopic Germs (quartertones)
Dan Sedgwick (music), Ryan Stickney (lyrics)

One for All (7-limit just intonation)
Ryan Stickney

Sagittal Daze (Eighth Octave Overtone)
Johnny Reinhard


Immortality (wholetones and semitones)
Angelos Quetzalcoatl

Prelude Sonido 13 and Etude No. 1 (quartertones)
Julián Carrillo

Tribute to Van Halen (quartertones)
Angelos Quetzalcoatl

Ruckus from the Quiet Zone (7-limit just intonation)
Ralph Lewis

Five in 5 (7-limit just intonation)
Denny Genovese

The World Ignites (11-limit just intonation)
Andrew Heathwaite (music), Carey Smith (lyrics)

Land Urchin (11-limit just intonation)
Jacob A. Barton