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Making OpenMPT portable
« on: April 01, 2011, 16:25:30 »
Starting with OpenMPT 1.18, the installer comes with a portable option. When using this option, all configuration files are stored in OpenMPT's directory and no changes are made to the registry (unless you choose to register file associations, of course). If you do not want to use the installer, or if you decided to make a portable setup from your current non-portable configuration, you can read here how to accomplish this.

Making OpenMPT portable, without an existing configuration

If you do not have a configuration that you want to use with your portable version of OpenMPT, there is not much work to be done. Simply create a file called mptrack.ini in the same directory as the main executable (mptrack.exe) and insert the following lines in this file:

Code: [Select]

Making OpenMPT portable, with an existing configuration

If you already have a non-portable configuration and want to re-use it in your portable setup, a little bit more effort is necessary:
First, navigate to the folder %APPDATA%\OpenMPT and copy the files mptrack.ini, Keybindings.mkb, plugin.cache and the folder tunings to the same directory as mptrack.exe. Now, open the newly copied file mptrack.ini and search for a line that says [Paths] in this file. Add the following line after this:

Code: [Select]

Now, you can launch OpenMPT to update the absolute paths to relative paths and enjoy a portable OpenMPT setup!

More detailed information on this is available in the OpenMPT Manual.
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