Do you have open bug reports here? Read this.

Started by LPChip, March 17, 2006, 22:19:50

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For new people:
This forum was created to do proper support for OpenMPT bug reports when there was no issue tracker yet. This sub forum is now considered obsolete. Please use the issue tracker for reporting bugs.

For people who have open bug reports on this board:
Please take some time and open a new ticket for each of your reported bugs on the new issue tracker, and then post the link to the ticket in the original bug report thread. We won't do this for you, but if you do this, you'll do us and yourself a great favour, as tracking the bugs is a lot easier on an issue tracker than it is on a forum.
Note that you can sort topics by Author, this should help you when searching for your own topics.

Description of the forum:

As you can see, some topics are marked with a status and a version number. The status can be one of these:

[ASSIGNED] - Status is awaiting fix, a developer has made a fix, but it hasn't been added to the newest build yet for testing.
[PENDING] - The bug has possibly been fixed. Now it's the reporter's job to download the latest build and check if it's indeed fixed and to report back.

Then you have a ??.??.??.?? which stands for the version number (older bug reports only have the last 2 digits of the version - in those cases, version 1.17.02.xx is meant) in which you found this bug. The reason behind this, is for both administrative purposes as for bug span (how many versions did it take before it was solved?)

Happy bugtracking! :)

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