[REQ] Highpass & lowpass combo

Started by Squirrel Havoc, March 13, 2006, 22:05:21

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Squirrel Havoc

I've been playing with the instruemnt settings, and discovered the filters. But sometimes I want a bandpass (or is it bandstop?) effect, where I cut out highs beyond a certain frequency, and lows below a certain frequency.

Would this be hard to impliment?
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I'd say just use a VST filter.



You could achieve something of a bandstop filter by playing a highpass filter in one channel and a lowpass filter on the same sound (perhaps a copy is needed) in another channel. To get a bandpass filter play an unfiltered but inverted version of the original sample in a third channel.

What you're asking for is a bandpass filter btw :) And I agree, use a VST filter.


Agree'd on the VST.  I think the only thing really missing from MPT now is a 'Band Reject' filter mode.