[Amiga Metal] Leaving the World Behind

Started by DavidN, March 13, 2006, 17:55:09

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This was actually released a couple of months ago, finishing off the "Unsung Legends" album, but I can't remember if I pointed it out or not. And I've finally got around to repairing the links on my site, so it's now downloadable from:


Comments are welcome, either here or there.

Squirrel Havoc

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Thanks. You're becoming my resident commenter - a total of two out of two so far!


Reminds me of my old Amiga days, nice stuff
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I get a time-out surprisingly enough.


It's weird that you can't access anything on the St Andrews network. Whereabouts are you?



It's quite a lovely little metal tune. Tho I think you should change the flute to Bruce Dickinson.


The thought had occurred to me as well. He's a bit busy, though. :)


How selfish of him. I always thought he was a nice guy.


Quote from: "Wong"Comments are welcome, either here or there.
I'll definitely leave a comment on the site when I get time. ^^;


I've done some cleanup in this topic.

This was a perfect example of what we DON'T want.
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