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Useful stuff that can be done with inverted samples

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Saga Musix:
The "invert sample" button is still quite new, and many people might ask why on earth you would want to invert the phase of a sample. Well, there are a few cool things you can do with inverted samples, I'll just explain two, maybe some of you have more interesting ideas to share?

1. Creating fake surround sound
Probably the oldest use of inverted samples, at least in the tracker scene. Take a sample and copy it into a new sample slot, and the invert it. Pan one sample hard left, and the other sample hard right. Now play them at the same time, et voilĂ , you have something that sounds quite spacey. This is in fact the same thing as the S91 command does in stereo mode (not in quad mode), and a dolby surround receiver can forward such audio signals to the rear speakers. This is a bit useless since there's the S91 command these days, but still... :)

2. Creating a high-pass filter
This is probably a less known trick, but it works just as well. In situations where you have to be compatible to Impulse Tracker, you might still want to use an highpass filter effect. As you may know, Impulse Tracker only provides a lowpass filter. However, instead of just pre-recording highpassed sequences, you can as well make use of the lowpass filter, using inverted samples! All you need is a sample and an inverted copy of the sample. Both have to be played at exactly the same panning position. One sample can be played as-is, and you can apply a lowpass filter on the other sample. Since it cancels out the low frequencies of the other sample, you practically get a highpassed sound.


Thank you so much!! I don't need ask for a vst highpass filter, so i can release a module soon... You saved me time and that's a useful trick !!

Saga Musix:

--- Quote from: "djmakas" ---Thank you so much!! I don't need ask for a vst highpass filter, so i can release a module soon... You saved me time and that's a useful trick !!
--- End quote ---

Well, MPT does have a highpass filter (just look in the instrument settings) - the second advice is just thought for releasing music which requires a highpass filter and is supposed to be released in IT format - which doesn't support VSTs natively as well.


--- Quote from: "Jojo" ---
Well, MPT does have a highpass filter [...]
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I know, but exported in compatible mode resets to the default channel filter, and some other things, but the intention is being compatible with other players or trackers too.

Saga Musix:
I wonder why you mentioned the VST thingy then...? Because those get removed too with compatibility export. I'm a bit confused :s :)


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